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Alice Gilmour

North West, North East

"I have been audio describing theatre, operas, musicals and live events since 2013. I audio describe mainly in the North (Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Edinburgh), but can venture further South! I am experienced in writing and recording audio introductions for performances and like to incorporate audio the producing company can give me including performers self-descriptions, words from the director, some of the music etc.

I have pre-recorded the audio description for three operas now and operated it on the night, using a marked up score (I read music so I time the AD to fit into specific points in the show) and a touring audio description kit, including venues as large as the Royal Festival Hall in London. I am also looking forward to my first immersive audio description in costume this summer (2023), wearing a costume, a head mic and my own mobile AD kit – I have ten receivers that the company will give out to audience members.

I really enjoy taking people on touch tours, and I give talks to local groups that support blind and partially sighted people about audio-description and what it's like to attend a performance and touch tour. I have a home studio so I also record documents for them if they’ve booked to attend somewhere that doesn’t have audio versions of their information."

Further Info: 

Opera, Theatre

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