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Anette Andersson


My name is Anette and I'm working as a project lead and accessibility consultant, within physical and digital accessibility. I'm living in Gothenburg, Sweden.

A couple of years ago I did a 34 week course (434 hours) at the only AD course in Sweden, and have since been audio describing at theaters (all kinds of generes), events, operas, museums, city walks, films and art, webbinars etc. Live and recorded.
Since I enjoy running I also audio describe and guide a blind woman during our runs and training sessions.

Further Info: 


Comedy, Traditional, Contemporary, Family Theatre, Musical Theatre, Dance, Circus, Live Gigs, Concerts, Community Theatre, Museums, Exhibitions, Opera, Outdoor Performance, Relaxed Performance, Promenade, Screen, Touch Tours, Film, Visual Arts, Sport, Immersive Theatre, Theatre, Audio Guides, Audio Brochures

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