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Artis Project


"ARTIS Project is an Italian company specializing in media accessibility. Our focus is on audiodescription, respeaking and subtitling.
ARTIS Project provides audiodescription for blind and visually impaired people, real time captions (respeaking) and captions for deaf and hard of hearing people in over 20 languages.
ARTIS Project is also the main content provider of MovieReading (, a owned global patented solution allowing for the individual distribution of audiodescription and subtitles at cinema and TV worldwide.

ARTIS Project produces 3000+ audiodescriptions per year, for 200+ top-profile Clients (Production and Distribution Companies delivering, among others, to RAI and SKY), over a wide range of technical and editorial specs. Our audiodescriptions range from movies to documentaries, from series to animated products, from old silent movies to commercials.
Our audiodescriptions also include International productions like I MEDICI/THE MEDICIS (both Italian and English audiodescription) MY TRUE BRILLIANT FRIEND, IL NOME DELLA ROSA and THE NEW POPE.
In 2019, ARTIS Project was awarded the ADP-ACB International Audiodescription Award by Joel Snyder, one of the major experts in the field of accessibility worldwide (see )
ARTIS Project also largely invests on research and development. Our members and audiodescribers include top researchers in the field of audiodescription and accessibility, as well as access pioneers in Italy. Our CEO, Vera Arma, has published extensively on audiodescription and is a research member of a number of access-related projects (see, for example: and or"

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+39 3395015639

Screen, Visual Arts, Museums, Script Translation Services

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