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Idunn Sofie Riise

Nationwide, East Midlands, North East, North West, Yorkshire, London, West Midlands, South West, East of England, South East

My career has always revolved around storytelling in various forms. I started out working in the publishing industry, specifically in foreign rights management and international translation.

From there I moved into working for myself as a freelance translator, and soon found myself translating subtitles for film and TV, bringing stories to Norwegian audiences.

I turned to technology, and co-founded Zille Media in 2020 in order to develop new tools for subtitle translation. In 2023 a client made us aware of their need for new Audio Description tools, and after securing funding from Innovate UK we began developments.

We're now passionate about all things accessibility, and for our ADA membership we're of course specifically interested in making a contribution towards excellence within AD for film and TV.

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Screen, Film, Broadcast

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