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Rebecca Singh


We’re an international small business based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in narrative description for media and the arts, and we offer years of experience in the sector. In addition to our in-house experts, we work with consultants from the Blind and Partially Sighted community on all of our professional descriptive narration projects.

Rebecca Singh, CEO of Superior Description Services, is an industry leader at the forefront of descriptive audio services for film, tv, publishing, and the arts. Her years of expertise in creating professional audio experiences are enhanced by her experience as a researcher, professional actor, voice artist, and director.

Further Info: 

Broadcast, Touch Tours, Film, Visual Arts, Immersive Theatre, Screen, Opera, Circus, Musical Theatre, Museums, Exhibitions, International, Outdoor Performance, Site Specific, Concerts, Live Gigs, Traditional, Contemporary, Family Theatre, Touring Productions, Comedy, Audio Brochures, Audio Guides

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