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Roland Bearne

London, South East

I started in Audio Description back in 2000 at Sky, cutting my my teeth on Star Trek, Next Generation and Voyager, sports and Producing/ Directing series including 24 and Deadwood. I started writing and voicing AD for movies and series for Sky, then was "poached" to start and AD function at Visiontext, who up until then specialised in subtitling. We won approval from the BFI and 20th Century Fox. From 2005 until 2019 I wrote and voiced all (apart from a very few) Theatrical release titles for 20th Century Fox as well as titles for the BBC and Netflix. I now write many theatrical titles for the likes of Universal, Lionsgate, Sony and many others as well as for Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount+ and more. It was with some surprise that I realised I have been doing this for nearly a quarter of a Century and have tackled pretty much every genre and sub genre there is! I have no idea how many titles I have written and voiced, but it runs to many hundreds!! I feel challenged by every new project as every single movie, series or other, has a new vocabulary, a new energy, a new pace to match and enhance for our audience. Every single title, is a fresh, blank canvas. I have worked with Deluxe, VSI, MPS, ADRenaline/ Voice Archive Pixelogic, Verboo and others with people who in many cases I count as more than just colleagues. I also regularly provide AD for Commercials via AdText, a division of Technicolor. I'm also an Actor when anybody lets me (!) having appeared in shorts, feature films and commercials recently.

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Broadcast, Film, Museums, Screen

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