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Sarah Borges

London, East of England, International

"An American born, British trained actor, and having recorded audiobooks for the RNIB in London, Sarah expanded her voice acting work into the world of Audio Description in 2015. She quickly moved into scripting projects in addition to voicing them, working on a variety of content from animations through to documentaries, feature films, television series, and recently expanding into the voicing of subtitles in addition to AD. She works freelance through various production companies globally, end clients including Netflix, NBC Universal, Turner, Disney, TCM, Apple, and Amazon. A life spent equally both sides of the pond, Sarah is both experienced and adept at scripting & voicing for both US and UK content, with dialect & accent accuracy maintained to the highest standards.

Education: Rose Bruford College - BA (Hons) Acting

Professional Bodies: Audio Description Association, Equity, Spotlight, American Actors UK"

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Museums, Screen, Audio Guides, Audio Brochures

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