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How to renew your ADA membership

ADA memberships purchased using Paypal will auto-renew every year. If you've paid for your membership via BACS you can find out about your renewal options below. 

Option 1: Switch to Paypal payment

By switching to Paypal you can ensure your membership plan auto-renews each year. You can purchase a Paypal membership plan at any time before or after your existing membership expires. Please note that your auto-renewal date will be 1 year from the date that you purchase your first Paypal membership plan.

To renew by switching to Paypal, you need to:

  • Go to the homepage [this link opens in a new window]

  • Click ‘login’ [top right] and then ‘login with email.’

  • Login using the email address attached to your previous plan. If you do not know your password, use the ‘forgotten password’ link. [All existing members have logins, even if you’ve never logged into the website before.]

  • AFTER logging in, go to ‘Join ’ and select the plan you wish to purchase.

  • Follow the instructions for Paypal payment.

Please note: you may still receive automated emails informing you that your previous ‘manual payment’ plan has expired. The new Paypal plan replaces the manual payment plan.

Option 2: Renew by BACS payment

To renew your membership by BACS, please email to request payment instructions. You can choose to pay your renewal as a one-off payment or set up an annual standing order.


Once payment has been received, we will add a new one-year membership plan to your account, starting on the day that your existing/previous plan expires. To avoid being locked out of your online account, please make payment at least two weeks prior to the expiry of your previous membership plan and inform us when you have done so. 

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